How long do you have to claim life insurance?

Waiting in a crew to get your claim done is the worst feeling ever. Isn’t it? That’s why whilepurchasing insurance, we always ask for the settlement time it takes? But I guess you guys also find the responses a little bit biased and diplomatic as well. Then how will you opt for the best one? … Read more

How To File an INSURANCE Claim ? 2023

What is an insurance claim? An insurance claim is generally referred to as making a formal request to your insurer to receive money. To help you in paying the damage caused by any unfortunate incident. The insurance claim process may apply in a car accident or medical bills or house damage or property damage, etc. … Read more

How to dispute an insurance claim against you

How to dispute an insurance claim;- There are times when disputing a claim is required. We often hear about insurance fraud andfeel pity for its victims. Let me share acrazy stat with you; insurance frauds steal worth $80bn from American consumers. But if youcan spare a few minutes from your busy schedule, then you can … Read more

What do you do if your insurance claim is denied?

What do you do if your insurance claim is denied – Insurance is that risk management tool you must have in your arsenal to overcome any uncertain financial provocations. When you purchase insurance, then you back yourself up against sudden unexpected financial losses like an accident. If something bad happens to you, the insurance company … Read more

2023 How To Dispute A False Insurance Claim?

Best way how to Dispute A False Insurance Claim – Financial fraud is linked to skilled urban locations. However, the United States economy has seized the lead for various reasons, especially in rural areas when it pertains to insurance fraud. Many individuals act like fraudsters, and such malpractices are not being controlled. They are subject … Read more