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Famous miami motorcycle accident lawyer In Florida, a lot of people ride motorcycles as a way to get around. Also, they are dangerous ways to get around. When a motorcycle accident happens, the person on the motorcycle often gets hurt much worse than a car driver.

The car’s chassis doesn’t protect a motorcyclist like it does the driver. A motorcyclist can only protect himself or herself with a helmet and the clothes on his or her back. A crash can make a motorcyclist lose control of his or her bike, which can cause serious cuts, broken bones, and/or back and/or neck injuries. If you were in a motorcycle accident in Miami, you should talk to an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer right away.

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Several bad motorcycle accidents

Given that motorcyclists have very little in the way of safety gear, even the best helmet may not always protect the head from injuries. Because of this, motorcyclists often get serious injuries like the ones below:

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Spinal cord injuries can lead to loss of limbs, burns, and damage to the brain.

When someone else is to blame for your losses, which could be big, they should also pay for your injuries. Our lawyers will find out who was at fault and let their insurance companies know about the necessary insurance claims. Here are some things that might make a motorcyclist responsible:

Driving drunk or with too many things going on, driving carelessly

Motorists who often ignore or act aggressively toward motorcyclists put their lives in danger. When this happens and someone gets hurt, our legal team works to make sure that the driver is held fully responsible for what they did. We want to be paid back for all of our losses, such as lost wages, trouble, and extra costs.

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What are the most common things that lead to motorcycle accidents in Miami?

Motorcycles are often ignored by other drivers because they are much smaller than cars and take up less space on the road. This is especially true in Miami-Dade County, Florida, where drivers of bigger cars who are distracted, inexperienced, or don’t have licences are more likely to hit motorcycle riders. Because of this lack of care for motorcycles, there could be deaths and serious injuries. The following are some of the most common things that lead to motorcycle accidents:

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  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (legal or illegal) is against the law.
  • As a motorcycle got close to some dangerous lane changes without moving over, the car doors opened.
  • “Lane splitting” is an illegal move that motorcycle riders often do to get around slower traffic.
  • Stopping quickly and adjusting the front brakes too much
  • Other drivers can’t see their blind spot because of bad weather, road debris, and roads that are getting worse.

Who is to blame for a motorcycle accident in Miami?

After getting hurt in a motorcycle accident, it’s important to find out what happened or who was at fault. The best thing to do is to talk to an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. This person will look into the accident and figure out who was at fault. These communities typically consist of:

Driver of the other car: Usually, the driver of the car that hit the motorcycle is held responsible for the accident.

The doctrine of dangerous instrumentality is a part of Florida law that lets accident victims sue the owner of the car that the driver who caused the accident was driving.

Employer of the At-Fault Driver: If the At-Fault Driver was working at the time of the accident, Florida law lets the Accident Victims file a lawsuit against the At-Fault Driver’s employer.

The motorcycle was made by: The crash may have been caused by a part on the motorcycle that wasn’t working right. Most of the time, smaller custom motorcycles and “choppers” are included because they don’t have to pass strict safety inspections.

Repair shop, dealer, or service station for motorcycles – If the mechanic didn’t keep your bike in good shape, you couldn’t ride it.Best miami motorcycle accident lawyer

The motorcyclist is protected because Florida only looks at comparative negligence. This means that the amount of compensation you get as a motorcyclist may be limited by how much your own carelessness caused the accident.

Sadly, juries in Miami often find that the motorcyclist is partly to blame. For example, if you sue the other driver and the jury decides that you were 25 percent to blame, your damages will be cut by 25 percent.

How much is my case for being hurt on a motorcycle worth?

Many people, including insurance companies, have negative ideas about people who ride motorcycles. Because insurance companies often blame the motorcyclist, even if they did not cause the accident, it can be hard for people who were hurt to get paid. Insurance companies may say that a motorcyclist already had a health problem or that the accident happened because the rider was careless and going too fast.

This is done to try to lessen or get rid of the damages that the injured rider has to pay. Accident victims are often taken advantage of by insurance claims adjusters and even drivers who were at fault. When this happens, you need to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer right away.

The value of a motorcycle accident claim depends on how bad the injuries are, how much each party was at fault, and how much money can be recovered from bodily injury or uninsured motorist coverage. Depending on how bad the injuries are, the cost of medical care, lost wages, and compensation for pain and suffering will vary.


What does first aid for accidents entail?

To keep the victim from getting hurt more, put him or her on the ground carefully and avoid rough handling. Push the person in a certain direction. Loosen up your clothing around the neck, chest, and waist. If you tilt your head slightly back and down, your tongue will fall forward, letting blood and vomit drain out.

What are the legal responsibilities of people who help people who have been in an accident?

The Good Samaritan Law says that anyone can help a person who is hurt in an accident, crash, or medical emergency right away, even if they don’t owe them anything or have a special relationship with them.

Which cost doesn’t count toward direct accident costs?

Direct costs include things like workers’ comp payments, lost wages, medical bills, and legal fees. Accidents do cost money, both in direct and indirect ways. In some situations, it may be hard to estimate how much these costs will be.

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