Revving Up Justice: Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer on Your Side

Even though it can be exciting, riding a motorcycle is risky. Some of them are obvious, like the fact that open-air vehicles don’t protect you as well from outside forces. Some dangers aren’t as obvious, like how reliable safety equipment is that other drivers aren’t required to use.

How Can a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia Help You?

Insurance companies for injured riders often turn down fair offers of compensation, and adjusters often try to get them to accept unfair settlement offers. An experienced Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer will fight hard for your rights by talking to the insurance company on your behalf and won’t settle for less than what you deserve.

Their resources will also make it much more likely for you to succeed. Your lawyer will take care of everything related to your case. For example, he or she will file all the necessary paperwork, meet all deadlines, and gather evidence to help prove your case and make sure the guilty party is held responsible. Your lawyer may collect the following kinds of proof:

  • Photos from the scene and police reports from witnesses about the damage to the car
  • If it came to that, there was evidence on the surveillance video of the motorcycle and in the cell phone records.
  • When necessary, the other driver’s toxicology reports, motorcycle maintenance logs, and a copy of your medical history.
  • hiring experts to testify, like accident reconstruction experts to show how the accident happened or medical experts to show how bad your injuries are, and asking for copies of the other party’s insurance policies.

It’s hard to get the proof you need to be successful. A motorcycle accident lawyer will be able to give you the proof you need to back up your claim, which will greatly increase your chances of winning.

What financial losses can be made up for after a motorcycle accident?

For motorcycle accidents that cause measurable financial losses, you can get money for economic damages like the ones below:

  • Medical costs are the costs of taking care of and treating any injuries that were caused by the other party’s carelessness.
  • The phrase “anticipated future medical expenses” means any medical costs you expect to have in the future because of your injuries after the case is over.
  • Salary Loss: Payment for lost income in the future and for time away from work while getting better.
  • Reduced Ability to Earn: If your injuries make it hard for you to work in the future, you may be able to get money to make up for the money you won’t be making. For example, if you can’t go back to work or have to switch jobs.

How Much Would My Motorcycle Accident Injury Claim Be Worth?

In collisions, motorcycle riders and their passengers may suffer life-threatening injuries. Many of these wounds are fatal or render the victim permanently disabled.

Examples of catastrophic injuries include traumatic tattoos from road rash, spinal cord injuries, amputations, and multiple bone fractures. A motorcyclist who is hurt in an accident may seek compensation for a range of losses, including the following:

  • medical expenses. rehabilitative services, prescription drugs, urgent care, surgeries, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and recent and previous hospital stays.
  • enduring the effects of the past and the future. compensation for any injuriesโ€”physical, emotional, or psychologicalโ€”that the accident victim may have sustained.
  • compensation for lost wages and missed opportunities as a result of a temporary or long-term injury.
  • destruction of property the cost of repairing a motorcycle or replacing a totaled vehicle.
  • The amount of a motorcycle accident injury claim will vary according to the severity of the losses, the defendant’s behaviour, the insurers’ response, and many other factors.

What leads to the most motorcycle accidents?

Most motorcycle accidents in Philadelphia happen because of mistakes made by people. Accidents can be fatal if the driver, motorcyclist, part maker, manager of a construction zone, or someone else makes a mistake or is careless.

During a claim, it is up to the injured rider (or his or her Philadelphia motorcycle accident lawyer) to figure out who was at fault and show liability. Here are a few of the most common things that lead to motorcycle accidents.

  • Reckless driving includes speeding, driving without paying attention, driving while distracted, not giving way when asked, switching lanes in a dangerous way, and making left turns.
  • cars that aren’t working right, dangerous roads, and a bad climate

In many cases, there are many possible defendants, insurance companies, and sources of injury. For example, a careless car driver might have caused a motorcycle accident, but the part maker could also be held responsible if they made bad brakes for the motorcycle. In this case, everyone who contributed to the accident could be held jointly and severally responsible for the damages. Because of this, the victim may get more money as a result.


How can you avoid a motorcycle accident?

Call the police and the people who deal with emergencies. Don’t take off your helmet or other safety gear. Find out as much as you can about the car and the other driver. collect information on any witnesses and people who were there.

What should you do if you and a friend are both hurt in a motorcycle accident?

Even if you think your wounds aren’t too bad, call 911. A doctor needs to check out the injuries, and police need to be called to the scene. Most injuries from a motorcycle accident don’t show up right away.

How long does it take for a motorcycle accident victim to get better?

If you have a broken or sprained bone, give yourself two months to heal. Small wounds should get better in less than two months. Everyone heals at their own pace after getting hurt. To make sure you get better completely, don’t take on more than you can handle.

How do you fix a broken bike?

Pain from minor injuries or overuse can also be treated with rest and painkillers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Another way to treat pain and swelling is to switch between ice and heat therapy.

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