Cybin Stock Forecast 2024,2025,2030,2050

(100% sure prediction ) Cybin Stock Forecast 2022 to 2050 Cybin is one of the leading ethical biopharmaceutical companies working with large world-class partners and high-profile scientists worldwide to create safe and adequate facilities for patients that can treat multiple forms of mental problems.

Cybin Stock Forecast 2022,2025,2030,2050
Cybin Stock Forecast 2022,2025,2030,2050

The main head-quatre of Cybin is located in Canada. The company was founded in 2019 and now spreads across various parts of Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Currently, the company is focusing on improving Psychedelics to Therapeutics with the help of innovative drug delivery systems, novel formal systems, proprietary drug discovery platforms, and treatment regimens for mental issues.

About the Cybin Stock Forecast

According to data, up to 17th October 2022, the stock price of the CYBN is 0.572$ also from the data analysis it becomes clear that the asset price has been in a downward trend for the last year.

Cybin stock price is in a downtrend. Thus it is predicted that Cybin won’t be popular stock in the market for this period.

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Cybin Stock Price Forecast

According to reports of the best 12 stock analysts, the average 12-month forecast for the stock price of Cybin is $4.9, which is an overall increase of 756.64% in the stock value.

The lowest target it reaches is &1.01, with its highest at $10.5. If taken analyst reports into consideration, their call is to buy.

Cybin Stock Forecast 2022

Cybin stock forecast for 2022 would reach a maximum of $6.245 and a minimum of $5.413.This forecast is obtained by the top experts who have also estimated the companies’ exact growth, new opportunities, and future picture in the market growth.

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Cybin Stock Forecast 2023

Cybin’s stock forecast for 2023 comes with proper report coverings and all the statistical information related to the company, its products, and its services.

The report is made ready with a proper analysis of the latest statement presented by Cybin, its research report, and statistics of equity it shares with others. According to analysis, the stock would reach its maximum of $8.691 with its minimum of $6.083 for the year 2023.

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Cybin historical Stock price for 5 years

year-historicalstock forecast(price)
โž 2019โž $1.3154
โž 2020โž $1.5500
โž 2021โž $1.2000
โž 2022โž $0.3220

Cybin Stock Forecast 2024

The market growth for Cybin would be decent for the year 2024. It will not get as much growth as it has in 2023, but the overall candle will rise.

The maximum for 2024 would be $ 11.140 to a minimum of $8.526 for this year. It is one of the promising stocks and thus would prove the best investment for everyone who invests in this.

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Cybin Stock Forecast 2025

Cybin stock forecast for 2025 will reflect a growing trend with some months in down-trends. It is estimated that the maximum downward movement in the stock candle will be seen in February 2025. Otherwise, the complete trend for the movement of candles will be only upward heights.

 The stock price of Cybin will get a maximum of $ 13.583 and a minimum of $10.971 for the year 2025.

Cybin Stock Forecast 2030

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Suppose someone fears taking a risk in stock trading. In that case, you can go for holding companies fund to get good interest in return every year.

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You can invest in company stock as per the investment return you desire by looking at the current market trends. Moreover, this company is best for generating income and will expand mainly in the future. Thus it will help you to generate a healthy profit for the investors in the coming years.

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Cybin Stock Forecast 2040

From multiple factors keeping into consideration, such as technology, demand in the market, and its competitors, we have estimated its maximum growth to be $55 for the Cybin Stock in 2040.

If you think Cybin is performing correctly at this particular moment, you can hold the stock. Otherwise, you can buy it if you think it’s undervalued. However, as of now, the data is not sufficient to make any exact prediction with confidence.

It is difficult as of now to tell whether CYBN will continue its growth in the long term or not in this competitive environment.

Cybin Stock Forecast 2050

Cybin stock forecast 2025 will reach 300% of the current market value trend. Other fluctuations will depend upon the company’s performance and other factors.


What is Cybinโ€™s stock forecast for 2022?

According to research analysis, the CYBN share price for 2022 would be $1.01 to %10.00. Overall, the company expects to reach a stock price of $7.67 in the coming year.

How does the CYBN perform this year?

At the beginning of this year, 2022, the stock was trading at $1.20.After that, its shares decreased for a particular stage and reached $0.5720.But at the end of this year, the stock price will reach a maximum of $6.245.

What is the symbol for Cybinโ€™s stock?

In the OTCMKTS market, the Cybin is registered with the symbol โ€œCYBNโ€.

How can I contact Cybin lnc?

The official website for the Cybin company has a URL According to Cybin’s official website, its mailing address is 100 King Street West Suite 5600, Toronto A6, On M5X1C9. You can contact the company at (908) 764-8385. Or its business email is

How can we buy Cybinโ€™s stock?

It is straightforward to buy CYBN stock. You can purchase its stock by forming your brokerage account online. WeBull, TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, Vanguard Brokerage Services, and Charles Schwab are top online brokerages for U.S markets.

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